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Rejection is the key to success… but it really doesn’t feel like it.

We’re all great at giving that all important advice when a loved one needs it, but when it comes to following that advice ourselves, do any of us actually follow it? I know I don’t. A typical example of this is just very recently, I got through to the final stages for a job I really really wanted, I didn’t get it, so queue the tears, major disappointment and super grumpy Shannon. Now, obviously my friends and family were telling me everything I would be telling them if they were in my situation, ‘the perfect job will come around soon’, ‘this wasn’t the right job for you’, ‘keep your head up and move on’, but was I listening to a single word they said? Of course not.

Obviously, nobody likes rejection and sometimes it can literally feel like you need to start right from the beginning, but as much as I hate to believe it, it makes you stronger, you learn from it and also, when what you’re striving for comes to you, I believe you appreciate it all the more, which may mean, you'll work harder which attributes to success. We just need to remember these things when we’re falling into that deep black hole filled with rejection.

The moral of the story is, keep going, be passionate, be driven, work hard and success will come. There are times I strongly disagree with the previous and just want to give up. Last week was one of those times. Alas, I took a step back and I’ve started this week stronger, I believe in myself and I will get there, no matter how long it takes. You can too, whatever you’re striving for or working towards, it will come if you keep at it! Let’s just all keep on going, it’s all a part of the journey that is life.

All my love and magic,

Shannon ✨

Success quote, Tony Robbins


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