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Yes, it’s true! After over a year and a half of trying to get a job in the marketing industry! It finally happened! 🎉

It's been a bit of a journey to get to this point, a year and a half of virtual interviews and rejection, hearing the same reason for not being successful… EXPERIENCE! Man, I hate that word! Having this feedback over and over again was so so frustrating, especially as it was a certain type of agency/company experience these companies wanted, as we all know, you can’t get experience like that if you can’t get a job. It was getting to the point, were I was almost considering getting any sort of admin/office job I could and going to college in the evening to get a qualification, but then I moved back up North…

Moving up North not only meant I was much more positive about the future, but it also brought in-person interviews, this made all the difference for me and would you believe it? The second job I interviewed for, I got! So I am now ‘Social Media Coordinator’ for Joseph Holt!🍻 I literally couldn’t be happier! This isn’t just a job for me, it’s the start of a brand new chapter and what I feel is a more steady career to build my way up in. More importantly, a career I’m excited for and where I can express my creativity, that is something I was convinced would not happen after stepping away from music. As I was applying and interviewing for jobs and the rejections were flooding in, lots of people would say to me, ‘y’know, so many people don’t love their jobs’, encouraging me to head for a different career that might be easier to get hired in without experience. I am so so glad and proud of myself that I didn’t listen and that I persevered, because here I am, with a job I am incredibly excited about. 💪

This is the start of something really exciting and I literally can’t wait to share everything with you in the future, especially what’s coming up in the next few months. 🤩

Next stop…move to Manchester!

All my love and magic,

Shannon ✨

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