Stripped Lockdown Covers... 🌈🎶

If you didn't already know, I released two stripped covers during lockdown, two of my favourite songs, but also, two of the songs that stood out to me throughout quarantine - 'THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC' and 'IN THE SUN'. Read below to find out a little more about why I chose these songs.

I was desperate to get back in the studio during the locked down months and wanted to do something a little different to anything I’d ever done before. Music has played an important part in comforting me greatly over this craaaazy time we've all been living in, as I’m sure it has for many of you. This is why I decided to release these two covers under the umbrella name of 'THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC' - the lyrics in this song, are the epitome of my love and passion for music.

It’s a funny story actually how I decided I wanted to do a cover of Joseph Arthur’s ‘IN THE SUN’… it has always been one of those songs in which the melody just reaches the depths of my core, but, if you follow me on twitter (@s_hynesmusic) you’ll know full well I re-watched the whole of Greys Anatomy throughout lockdown and I’m a little obsessed, just a little… A cover of ‘IN THE SUN’ by Aron Wright was featured on the show and I was BLOWN AWAY and it rapidly became one of my favourite songs and for sure a highlighted song from my past few months, there was no better choice for me. Also, I felt due to ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC’ being such a well-known song I wanted to do a slightly less-known tune.

Now for the title track of this mini project and a song that you all know (if you don't, i'm not sure we can be friends 😜), ‘THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC’… There’s really not much to say about this song, it’s some of the most beautiful songwriting i've ever heard, along with so much of ABBA's music, a band I have been a fan of for as long as I can remember. This is by far the most stripped back piece of music I’ve ever put out, it sounds almost live, just a piano and a vocal. This song is all about the lyric, it was my producer, Jack Watson who persuaded me to keep it this stripped back and I’m so incredibly glad we did, I hadn’t initially planned on this when I went in. It was so much fun recording this song, as I could put SO much into the vocal, in a way it felt as if I was recording a musical theatre piece, at one point Jack said ‘Come on, let your Disney out!’ - I now want EVERY studio session to be like that!

I hope you find comfort in my covers, just as I did in the originals... ❤️