Okay, okay, I get it, I am DEFINITELY not cool enough for that, but shall we just roll with it for now? Deal?! Or we could just say it's time for new music(?!) and we're kicking it off with my new single 'OFF GUARD'. As you already know it'll be out on 15th November on all platforms, but let me tell you a little more about it.

In true country music style, 'OFF GUARD' is a genuine step by step happening of a story. You'll get the gist of it when the song comes out, so I won't go too much into that right now. The whole process from writing, to producing to where we are now, was incredibly quick. For one, I wrote the song in about 20 minutes, which I think may be my songwriting record thus far and it was evident almost immediately after I'd played it to my producer, mastermind and wizard, Jack Watson, that it would be the first single of 'THE SECOND ERA OF SHANNON HYNES' – (nah, it's not working is it?!).

The production process of this song, was quite a tricky one for me, as it was a distinct realisation that 'OFF GUARD' is different to my previous material, it's got a bigger sound. Initially I was struggling to come round to this as you may or may not know i'm an old soul and I live for traditional country music. Due to Jack being incredible at his job, he knew the right ways to compromise and keep it classic but modern at the same time and by joe, am I glad I listened!

I really can't wait for you to hear my new single, I'm so proud of it!

Photo Credit - Natalia Leszczynowicz

You can pre-save 'OFF GUARD' on Spotify right now via this link below:

'OFF GUARD' will be available EVERYWHERE on 15th NOVEMBER!