So, I released new music for the first time in almost a year yesterday (Friday 15th November), releasing music is absolutely my most favourite thing and SUCH an amazing feeling. For a songwriter, for a song to come from such a personal place, to then go into the studio and be adapted in a way you may not have foreseen, for it then to be released out into the world for people to interpret in their own way… man, I’m just so lucky I get to be a part of a journey like that.

But, I do want to get real for one sec, if that’s cool with ya?

So, usually when I release music I’m mega excited, obviously and pretty nervous too, obviously, I mean that’s normal if you care about what you’re putting out into the world. Now, I am someone who is very in touch with their emotions and I’m proud of that, but I do like to know why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, I mean, I’m a songwriter, duh. Prior to the release of ‘OFF GUARD’, for a day or two, I just felt this super emotional feeling and I couldn’t understand why, I was confused to as of why I wasn’t feeling what I usually felt when I had released music previously, even though it had been a while. It wasn’t until I woke up this morning (Saturday 16th November), that I figured out that I think I had put myself under a huge amount of pressure, without even realising and somehow it overwhelmed and confused my emotions, to the point where I didn’t enjoy my release day to a certain degree. I was forgetting the actual point of releasing music, which is to tell my stories, the entire reason I started writing and fell in love with country music originally, instead I was worrying too much about the feedback and what the 'industry' would think. ANYWAY, not to worry, I soon got back to my usual self, and just delayed my excitement you could say and now I’m on cloud nine that ‘OFF GUARD’ is finally out and we’ve started the journey of my first EP!

I think it’s so important to be honest about your feelings, I find it so easy to be honest in my music, but as a human being I struggle so much to open up my heart and let out what I feel. That’s why I wanted to write this down in actual words and 'get real' with you.

One thing that remained a constant is how thankful and full of gratitude to the people in my life and the people who made this song a reality.

Joe and Kieran, who laid down the stunning country vibes with pedal steel and fiddle. I know any country fan goes weak at the knees when they hear those sounds and these guys certainly know how to achieve that!

Jack Watson, who is now named ‘THE WIZARD’ (yes in cap locks, he’s THAT good), I literally couldn’t do this without him, he really knows how to push me to be better a musician, a better vocalist, a better songwriter. I feel he knows my music just as well as I do and I couldn’t ask for a better person to be stuck in a box making music and drinking beer with for 8 hours a day.

Most importantly, ANYONE who has ever supported me, THANK YOU with all my heart.


OFF GUARD is out NOW!!

Go get it in yo ears peeps!

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