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It's me, Hi! I'm a Blogger, it's me!

Well, hello, this is something I have wanted to say for so long and finally it’s happening - welcome to my new blog, ‘Dreams, Truth and Magic’.

My name is Shannon and I’m here to take you along on every twist and turn, all the ups and downs of my life. 2023 is going to be a big year for me and hopefully very positive. I have some very exciting trips planned, which I’ll tell you all about in future blog posts, I’ll tell you all my sad stories, my exciting stories, all my funny stories and you better get ready, because 2023 is going to be a bloomin’ rollercoaster, I’ll tell ya!

As I’ve already told you, I have wanted to start a blog forever, you could say it’s been a secret dream of mine. This is going to be my little corner of the internet to tell my stories in the way I want to tell them, no judgements, just my truth, my dreams and a little dusting of magic… obviously.

So, I’m telling you all just how amazing this blog is going to be but you don’t actually know the protagonist yet… me! Well, I’m a 28 year old writer, musician, dreamer, goofball, book lover, Disney geek and most importantly, loyal Hufflepuff. I have a huge heart and I unintentionally wear it on my sleeve. Note the unintentional, this isn’t always a good thing, as this gal feels deeply peeps and that just ain’t fun sometimes. I’m the kind of girl, who feels other people’s hurt, especially those I love. I take it all upon myself and it can often literally feel like my heart is so heavy, it’s sinking to the bottom of my body. This, I have in past years come to realise, I believe is why I am so scared of love, you know, feeling so deeply and then the potential for it all just to be taken away from you in a split second. That is an utterly terrifying notion to me and I sometimes genuinely think… is it really worth it? On the other hand, I am a ridiculously, soppy, hopeless romantic and I thrive off budget chick flicks. Twilight was my personality in high school and I swear to god when I broke up with my first boyfriend after an intense amount of time… a week, my mum’s response was ‘I know what it is… he’s not Edward.’ Like all mum’s, of course, she was right!

Who knows what shape this blog will take, there’s not much off limits to me and I’m excited to see which paths we may wander. I’m ecstatic to start this journey with whoever has taken the time to read this post, hi, if that’s you. I’ll leave you here for now but you must know, I already have so so much to tell you! So, see ya next time! :)

Oh, and ps, if you ‘get’ this blog title, I already love you, ya fellow Swiftie!


Love this. Love blogging and fully here for following your 2023 adventures!

Shannon Hynes
Shannon Hynes
Apr 03, 2023
Replying to

Hi Katy! Thanks you so much! I'm going to try and make this new blog as fun as possible! 💗

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