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So, I have forever been a huge Disney fan but it was never a huge topic of conversation amongst my friendship groups, no-one ever quite loved it just as much as I did and let’s admit it when you’re growing up, it’s not the ‘coolest’ thing to be in to, well, that’s what the general consensus was back then. I mean, now, at nearly 30 years old, I think it’s THE coolest and ALL the teenagers should be screaming out loud about their favourite characters and making funny cosplay tiktoks. Something I wasn’t as in-the-know about in my teenage years was the Disney Parks… well, aren’t they just the most magical places on this earth. That’s taking into account I have only been to Disneyland Paris, well that’s about to change, because I’M GOING TO DISNEYWORLD THIS SEPTEMBER! I’ll be honest, the excitement is slightly out of control and we’re 5 months away yet. I already have a list of snacks I want to try, rides I want to ride and I’m already preparing my friends for the copious amounts of tears over the 15 day period we’ll be there.

Obviously the trip is so so far away yet but I’ll be honest, i’m definitely in preparation for it (it’s helping me through the unbearable excitement so leave me be ;p). The snack list is forever growing, currently the top of that list is the pizza rolls, don’t they just sound utterly, mouthwateringly stunning? They’re basically spring rolls with pizza filling, what more can you want in life?!?!? Gideons Cookies, yes, I am willing to queue for an hour to get my hands on one of these rocks of heaven and of course, the ever faithful Mickey ice cream sandwich, which is something I really can’t understand why Disneyland Paris don’t do. Don’t even get me started on Epcot, we’ll be there when the ‘Food and Wine’ festival is on, so that might have to be its very own blog post of a yummy goodness wish list, but you’d better believe we’re eating and drinking around the world!

Now, let’s get to the adrenaline junkie in me - I LOVE RIDES! I love the adrenaline, the freedom you feel when you’re soaring at some insane speed through the air, it’s just THE best! Now, obviously there are some amazing rides, rollercoasters and attractions at Disneyworld and the surrounding parks but my top two lie within the realms of the Universal Parks, Islands of Adventure to be exact. My top two rides that I am the most excited for are VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s. These are my top for two different reasons. Now, they are both adrenaline induced rides, this is definitely more my bag, I like the fast and the furious experiences. When VelociCoaster opened, not really that long ago, I watched endless vlogs from here in the UK and lots of people were saying it’s the most thrilling ride in Orlando. It’s also said to be the fastest and tallest in Florida, you got me. I’m in! My second most anticipated is Hagrid’s. I am the biggest Harry Potter fan and for me the Wizarding World in Orlando is something I just can’t be prepared for, but that’s for another time. I have watched endless vlogs and in sooo many of them, people have said Hagrid’s is the best ride they have EVER been on, WHAT?!?! Apparently it’s so immersive, the queue is a part of the ride, which is good as I don’t think the queue ever drops under 120 mins (also another sign that this ride is immense), I just think this attraction will be the epitome of happiness for me and I feel like I will be wasting serval hours of my days waiting in line to go on it repeatedly.

This is just the tiniest amount of things I am excited for, there are infinite reasons this is going to be one of the best trips of my life. It will be the little moments that I’ll remember forever, it’ll be the delirious, exhausted, over heated giggles at the end of a magic filled day, it will be the tearing up when you see your favourite princess interacting with the cutest little girl, it will be the memories of a lifetime with my best friends…

Now, come on, hurry up September!!

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