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Shannon Hynes is an independent, Welsh, songwriter and artist drawing influences from the Country, Americana and Folk genres. Shannon pairs an organic, traditional instrumentation with her deep intricate lyrics, all upheld by the dulcet innocence of her vocal. Receiving comparisons
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to modern leaders in the genre such as Kacey Musgraves and Clare Bowen, she has also been likened to legendary musical icons such as Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. 
The unapologetic way in which Shannon conducts herself and her music exemplifies why she has gained such great respect in the UK Country scene and is described as the ‘one to watch in 2021’.
With iTunes #1’s, national and international radio play, recognition in the forms of ‘Hits Brits Champion’ on Country Hits Radio and a ’UK Country Music Spotlight Award’ nomination, Shannon looks forward hopefully for a return to the live music scene and beginning a new chapter of her musical journey, perhaps stepping away from the ‘girl next door’ persona we have come to know and introducing a fresh, fiery attitude.
Shannon explores her tainted heart with this next era of music, beginning with the sass fuelled, girl power, dig - ‘S T A N D I N G  M E  U P’ released 26th February 2021.
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