Shannon Hynes is very much inspired by the poignant honesty of the storytelling in country music. Due to the fact she has studied this music for the majority of her life, she has honed her craft in captivating you in her lyrical stories. 

With the upcoming release of Shannon’s debut EP, initiating this project was the release of ‘OFF GUARD’. This was received with great excitement and acknowledged as ‘one of the UK’s brightest returns’, continuing the tremendous success that commenced Shannon’s career. 

‘COMFORT’ the consecutive single, continued this success and displayed a more 

traditional, vulnerable side to the artist. Gaining considerably more respect as a songwriter, ‘COMFORT’ was penned as being perfect for songwriter rounds and pin drop moments.

Shannon still has huge amounts to uncover in her music, her debut EP due Summer 2020 is set to establish even more diversity as a songwriter and an artist. With comparisons to Kacey Musgraves and Clare Bowen, Shannon is set to become one of the golden artists on the UK scene, whilst demonstrating  the authentic, honest and gut-wrenchingly beautiful heart of country music.

© 2019 by Shannon Hynes.